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Outcome Statement from 2nd Global Forum on Human Resources for Health

24 February 2011

From the 25th- 29th January 2011, FIP has been shared its work and experience on pharmaceutical sector human resources and pharmacy education with a global audience working in Human Resources for Health (HRH) at the Second Global Forum on Human Resources for Health, held in Bangkok, Thailand.

At this event, FIP held a meeting to present the activities and outcomes achieved since its joint commitment to the Pharmacy Education Taskforce Action Plan in collaboration with WHO and UNESCO. The 2009 Global Pharmacy Workforce report findings and outcomes of the work undertaken with WHO in supporting countries to assess and develop pharmaceutical sector human resource plans were also a great focus of attention. In addition the Pharmacy Support Workforce Domain was launched by the FIP Pharmacy Education Taskforce which aims to build evidence and tools to inform the needs-based education of the pharmacy support workforce.

The result of the meeting is outlined in the Outcome Statement of the Second Global Forum on Human Resources for Health, attached to this message. 

FIP looks forward to bringing AIM Members more news of these important developments in pharmacy education and global health.

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